FrostCitadel Server




July 31 2020 - 05:41 AM

First version in beta for all!

Server Specifications:

  • Blizzlike style - no progressive
  • Server type Normal - PVE
  • XP levelling rate x6
  • Gold rate x3
  • Reputation rate x1
  • All Dungeons Normal and HC are enabled
  • Looking for Dungeon enabled
  • All Raids are enabled
  • Looking for Raid disabled
  • All Arena and Battleground are enabled
  • Enabled Trasmogrifier NPC in Dalaran 

Server Rules:

  • No use Cheat or Ban
  • No use Bot or Ban 
  • Can use Multiboxing
  • Can use Twink (aka XPOFF)
  • The server it's focused on PVE content but can have fun also in PVP
  • The idea it's to levelling fast as possible also with alts and have fun on end game contents
  • There is a Store in the Website to buy only content no longer obtainable in the game, for example mount and epic pets
  • The Store use Vote Poits obtainable by voting on advertising sites
  • Into the Store it's also possible to change Race, Appearance or Faction
  • There does not exist and there will never be a Store to buy "pay to win" items.

Have fun

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