v0.0.4a - Public Version




December 05 2020 - 08:02 AM

This version represents an important Milestone for our private server project and introduces a significant number of changes; introduced by numerous custom scripts from our development staff.

The changes were made in an attempt to encourage the leveling of new players and quickly put them in a position to be able to do Dungeon HC and Raid.


1 - Instant Level 70

The welcome bonus that included only one character of lvl 70 of the player's choice has been extended to all characters that will be created from now on, all characters will receive a free bag, some gold, an epic mount, a pet and a minimal blue set from level 70 to be able to immediately start leveling up to lvl 80.

2 - Rep & Weapons Skills

All new characters created will have by default the reputation exalted with their factions and weapons skills at maximum (corresponding to their game class)

3 - Teleport IronForge / Orgrimmar

All newly created characters will have the ability to teleport to Oggrimmar or Iron Forge in relation to their faction.

4 - Vote Shop

From today from the Vote Shop it will be possible to exchange Vote Points for Emblems, with respect to this table of conversion:

1 VP = 1 EOH Emblem of Heroism

2 VP = 1 EOV Emblem of Valor

3 VP = 1 EOC Emblem of Conquest

5 VP = 1 EOT Emblem of Triumph

20 VP = 1 EOF Emblem of Frost

5 - Daily rewards

From today all players who log into the game and actively play on our server will receive 10 Vote Points as a gift at the end of the day. (in the future there will be bonuses for those who complete the week, month, etc.)

6 - (last but not least) Rewards for old players

Old players who have supported the project since the first weeks of the server opening will be rewarded with a special prize from us!


Personally I wanted to thank all those who have collaborated to date in the creation of the Server, in the bugfixing, in the optimization; specially:

MuracaDesign, DeathCow, Sophr * v * s, Annie, Yas, Bswis, and allother players!

Thank you so much guys!


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